Where to play social netball in London

Over 100 thousand people in the UK play netball in amateur teams each year – so if you think it’s hard to find a good team to play social netball in London, think again!

London is one of the UK’s busiest places, so seeking out a decent netball team should be a breeze.

What’s so great about netball?

Only that it’s one of the most popular female sports in the UK, even if the concept did originate from basketball.

What’s so great about netball is that its players have taken on the sport in passionate and exhilarating ways – where Australia and New Zealand have some incredible professional players, netball teams in the UK work hard to beat them to the top spot.

Even if you don’t want to play the sport on a professional level, amateur netball is great for making friends, getting fit, and honing other skills too, like hand-eye coordination and teamwork.

It’s also a good way to tackle complex challenges and use your agility to pass the ball between your team so you can get that all-important goal! It’s not as easy as it looks, and there are many rules to follow in this sport, but on the other hand, that’s what makes it such a good sport to play. Netball really makes you think on your feet, and it’s amazing when you work together as a team, knowing each other’s movements and speed. It’s one of the reasons you become like family with your team.

What you need to know before joining

It sounds cliché, but you’ll definitely need bags of energy, passion, and the ability to commit to a team. Netball is inherently a team sport, and it could be possible that if one person doesn’t play, no-one plays. We all rely on each other to work together and build a great winning team passionate about success.

Of course, it’s not all about competition, having fun in netball should be one of the main benefits you get out of it – after all, there’s little point in spending your free time doing something you don’t enjoy.

It’s also easier to get good at a sport if you truly enjoy it, and we hope finding a great team in London will make you feel like joining netball is the first step to getting involved in something exciting!

Where to sign up

At Netbusters, we make it easy for you to join a social netball game in London. Simply ask us and we’ll answer any questions you might have about this fun sport.

The first step is simple – just sign up, go along to a game, and have fun. You’ll soon wish you’d joined earlier!