When You Should Get an Australian Partnership Visa

If you have a partner that lives in Australia, it is difficult to continue to have to live with being separated from them for a long period of time. While visiting is an option, it can easily get expensive with taking multiple trips, and it is far from being the same as staying with your partner.

If you stay and work in Australia, you may have a partner in a different nation that you wish to stay with you. Perhaps you want them to experience the amazing sites of beauty of Australia that you get to enjoy on a daily basis, but you don’t know how to make things more permanent.

A Solution for Long-Term Staying

If you or your partner is not in Australia, and it is keeping you from being with your partner, there is a way to resolve the situation. The Australian government offers a partner visa. The way the partner visa works is that an Australian citizen or permanent resident can sponsor a partner to live with them in Australia.

One of the best benefits of this partner visa is that it is not just for a temporary stay, but permanent. That means that once your partner gets their visa, they are free to stay with you in Australia as if they are a citizen.

Getting a Visa

It’s not an easy task to get a partner visa. In fact, many people are somewhat put off by how complicated the process is when it comes to getting a visa for an Australian partner. There are ways to make the process a lot more bearable and less complicated though.

In fact getting a Hansen Migration Australian partnership visa is a great way to get assistance with going through the visa application process. Services such as Hansen Migration, aid you in making sure that you make the best impression possible for a higher chance of getting your visa approved.

Requirements for a Visa

There are different parameters that you must meet when it comes to getting a partnership visa, but the two main ones include making sure someone is an Australian citizen or permanent resident. A person can also be a New Zealand citizen or resident, as well, for the same visa.

The other parameter that has to be met is that the relationship must be genuine. You and your partner have to be able to demonstrate that your relation is truly genuine in order for the visa to be approved.

Two Stages of Visa

Getting a visa works in different stages. For the first stage, if you’re trying to become a permanent resident, you and your partner must remain in a relationship for two years. After those two years, if the relationship is still intact, then you are able to apply for permanent residency.

If you and your partner have dependent children, they are also eligible to be a part of the permanent resident visa application process. It’s important to note that many times services that help with the visa application process don’t charge extra for child applicants.