Top 5 Diet and Fitness Tips for Men

Healthy body man eating a fresh salad

Men have quite a number of health and fitness issues may be due to their sedentary lifestyle. According to some findings by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention three out of four men are obese and 50% of men do not do vigorous physical tasks for more than ten minutes. Also, men influence the feeding habits of their kids such as how often they eat fast foods and other restaurant foods which would contribute to their weight issues. You have a chance as a man to get healthy and fit by watching your diet, taking exercises and having a good lifestyle that is full of activities and less health hurting activities like drinking alcohol. To complement the diet and workouts, being injected with some fantastic steroids such as those available from can help you to achieve lean mass and build muscles.

The following are some tips that can help you to change your bad eating habits like eating junk foods, and improve your lifestyle by getting more physically active and spending less time on the couch:

  1.     Get a fitness buddy

You should get a fitness partner so as to stick to your fitness schedule and diet plan, otherwise you may not stick to them if you go it alone. Working out with a friend not only makes you focus on fitness but also brings an edge of competition especially if your buddy is at advance fitness level thus challenges you to work to get to his level.

  1.     Check out nutrition labels

You have to always read the nutrition labels of foods to avoid spoiling a healthy diet with unhealthy ingredients in the foods or by taking bigger than required portions. Some ingredients to avoid are trans fats and for sugar you need to cut the intake to not more than 7 grams per serving. On the other hand, go for food with high fibre content- more than 3grams per helping. Also, choose fresh foods over processed ones to meet your daily essential nutrients requirements.

  1.     Observe healthy cooking methods

As you strive to observe a healthy diet and cooking, you must also ensure that you prepare and cook your food using healthy methods.  Some healthy cooking methods include boiling, steaming, baking and grilling as opposed to unhealthy ones like breading and deep frying. Use healthy fats and oils to cook like olive oil and canola oil instead of butter. Also, season your foods with herbs instead of salt. Furthermore, when eating out, order for food prepared in such ways.

  1.     Adhere to simple cardio workouts

Cardio workouts accelerate heart rate and torch calories. Some good examples of cardio exercises include running. To start with you can go for slow excises like walking which you can alternate with running. Also, you can burn calories all day long by standing instead of sitting, going up the stairs instead of using the elevator, and walking briskly whenever you have a chance.

  1.     Maintain fitness motivation

You can avoid losing motivation for fitness by trying new exercise activities or new sports to raise your enthusiasm. Also reward yourself in achieving a goal or adhering to a set routine like for a week.