The cost of a parking lot

Building a new establishment comes with multiple challenges. One of those being a parking lot and how much resources you want to dedicate to it. Or perhaps you are already established and you need a bit more room for your clients to park, you may have to pave out more space to accommodate the influx of customers. Either way you will have to worry about one thing, regardless of the situation. That is parking lot construction cost, which like everything, does have a monetary cost. With everything else you have to pay for, you would more likely want to minimize the cost to the bare minimum. That goes for extending a pre-existing one as well. Let’s face it, concrete and asphalt is not cheap and is time-consuming work. But, who says you have to have one of these as your paving method. If you worry about paving and want an alternative, TRUEGRID may have just what you need

When you think about pavement, you will probably automatically think of concrete and asphalt. Though they are the standard in pavements, they have many issues that can plague them. If you are not concerned with the aesthetic of these methods and are not building a multi-level car garage, permeable pavements can work for you. Starting off, you may not be familiar with what permeable means. It basically means liquid can pass through it. This key feature is where you can save a lot of money in regards to construction costs. But, how?What makes this system different from traditional ones, is that you do not pour it over the ground like concrete and asphalt. In fact, it utilizes ground itself in many ways. Placing a plastic sheet base, you fill in the spaces in the sheets with whatever filler material you want, so in turn you strengthen it even further. Almost any material can be used as a filler, things such as grass, sand, and gravel. The strength of the pavement is comparable to those of previous ones. It also has the ability drain water into the ground, helping in the prevention of slick surfaces and pooling. It ability to soak in heat on summer days, preventing the sauna that asphalt parking lots can be.

Now, the question of cost comes and how it saves you money. For starters, permeable pavements cost up to half of what concrete costs and is competitively priced with asphalt. Next is the money saved in maintenance, you don’t have to clean or repair this system. As it often drains excess water and is not in direct contact with sunshine. Because, when it comes to traditional means, water and sunlight can cause cracks and pot holes. Leading to high maintenance cost throughout the pavements life span. The life span of this method can last up to sixty years, which is three times longer than traditional methods. A bonus benefit of this method, is that you don’t have to clean it and it will look the same.