Thailand Golf Tours: World-Class Experiences in an Exotic Country

Golf didn’t begin to spread in Thailand until the early to mid-1900s, but since then, over 200 courses have sprung up across the country, and thousands of players from around the world visit Thailand every year to enjoy some of the most intriguing golfing experiences in Asia, if not the world. With challenging, but enjoyable, courses, impressive landscapes, an incredible climate, and all sorts of other opportunities, you can combine your favourite sport with all of the best parts of a vacation with an all-inclusive golf tour package.

What Is a Golf Tour?

When you book a golf tour, you are purchasing a holiday package that includes not only several rounds of golf at multiple locations, but your accommodation and some of your travel as well. Packages typically include golf carts, caddies, and other features, but when you aren’t playing golf, you will have all of the freedom to enjoy the country’s scenery, culture, and cuisine.

Different packages will take you to different places, but most of them will include rounds of golf at multiple courses so that you can have diverse experiences.

What Are the Courses?

The courses that you play on will depend on the tour package you choose, and it will also depend on your tour provider. Thailand has an extremely diverse range of golf courses, ranging from oceanside courses to courses situated next to racetracks and in between runways. However, as long as you choose a reputable provider for your golf tours in Thailand, you’ll most certainly make it to some of the best spots.

Some of Thailand’s most impressive courses include:

  • Black Mountain Golf Club: The Black Mountain course is one of the most popular courses with many amenities, including spas, tennis courts, and water parks. The course has also won many awards.
  • Alpine Golf Resort: Another one of Thailand’s best. The Alpine course offers a bit of a challenge and has hosted many international tournaments.
  • Red Mountain Golf Club: Surrounded by mountains, the Red Mountain course offers a number of elevation changes and challenges. There are also many nearby attractions.
  • The Royal Chiang Mai Golf Resort: Due to its location, which contains many attractions and activities, this course is perfect for families or groups who want to do as much exploring as golfing.
  • Banyan Golf Club: With world-class facilities and dining experiences, the Banyan course is another excellent spot that is also situated near the ocean.

About Golfing in Thailand

In addition to the diverse range of courses, golfers also might find a couple of other things unusual about the gameplay in Thailand. Caddies, for example, are almost always mandatory, and they are commonly women who take great pride in their work and are often quite knowledgeable as well. In Thailand, it’s also common to find six people playing together, as opposed to two or four. So, no matter where you play golf in Thailand, you are bound to experience interesting things both on and off the course.