Pack These Items If You Are Visiting Dominican Republic

If you are planning to visit Dominican Republic, then you must remember that you will come across plenty of beaches and museums and at night you may want to spend time in nightclubs for partying or having dinner. In order to dress properly as per the situation, you must take the right dress with you. Therefore, carefully plan before packing your luggage for the trip.

First things to consider

As soon as you enter the Dominican Republic you have to present your travel document to the custom officials and hence you must posses a valid passport issued by the government of your country as a proof of your ID. It is essential that you carry these items in your personal possession and also keep few numbers of photocopies too. Photocopies you must keep in some other place and it can be used only if the original ID either gets lost or stolen.

You must carry sufficient amount of cash too. The currency used in this country is known as Peso, however if you are carrying US dollars with you, then the same is also accepted in certain important places. Usually nowadays, people prefer to make their transactions through credit cards, however there are few places where you only need to use hard cash.

As soon as you reach this country, you will be asked to buy tourist card which will cost $10, and for that you must be ready with cash too in case credit card transaction is not possible due to some reason. You cannot leave the airport unless you have tourist card with you. Also, it is important that all your air tickets, hotel confirmation letter and other papers related with other planned activities must be available with you.

Clothes to pack

Dominican Republic year round weather is hot and hence you must carry summer dresses only. Therefore, pack your light weight clothes preferably of light color. Choose cotton clothes so that it remains comfortable. Take any comfortable shoes like any athletic shoe or boots for hiking. Also, carry enough number of undergarments, pajamas and socks. Take few shorts too if you want to spent time in beaches.

Take few formal dresses for attending night clubs and parties. If you want to attend any church then take appropriate dress. Shorts are not allowed in churches. Also pack the necessary swim wear and toilet items with you. Don’t forget your camera and other electronic items. Take few extra batteries too.