Incredible Ideas to Design Your Living Room

Homes play a major part in our life in keeping both family and friends together. Since the living room is the most important gathering haven in every home it has to be made uniquely comfortable and pleasant. When it comes to living room design, the most common choice is to personalize a decor scheme, which is:

  • nice to watch
  • comfortable to use
  • looks sophisticated
  • and above all, spacious enough to accommodate more people

When it comes to choosing something elegant, home owners rather combine the elements they already have in a cohesive and aesthetically appealing manner than look for a particular concept, style or period.

But, regardless of the style you decide to follow, the final result should resemble your personality and your lifestyle so as to represent that one and only room you always want to come back to.


Upgrade it yourself without Sacrificing Comfort

Why wait for your children to grow up to do some serious re-decoration in the living room? When you can benefit from attractive, yet family-friendly setting, there is no point surrounding yourself with old and uncomfortable furniture.

Architectural Benefits

Architecture should be your priority while planning for designing your living room interior. The envelope has to be done right in order to make use of all shapes and built-in tricks to turn the living space into something amazing.

Just let the room’s natural circulation lead you when you are dealing with furnishings. This will help you understand how the space can become more usable by simply narrowing or expanding passages. You can also give purpose to the corners of the room if you allow yourself a deeper look.

When to Save and When to Splurge?

When you are planning your budget, always think of pieces that are going to last the most, and be generous with them before you go around spending a lump-sum on accessories.

For instance, your fireplace can go even without an exaggerated honeycomb mirror above it, but the comfortable, rich fabric sofa with modest design is what will be around for years.

Give memories the attention they deserve

What makes living room designs so unique is the nostalgia radiating from the focal heirloom pieces.

For instance, your grandfather’s handmade bungalow furniture will look both rustic and cozy, and above all won’t cost a dime, but it will at the same time remind you of your childhood. So you guessed it right. Your attic may be the best furniture shop for your living room!

Classic and modern-Never out of Style!

If you fantasize about contemporary design, you may look for classic and modern pieces which never go out of style, for example Lucite tables and leather-made white Barcelona chairs.

Let the Light In

The living room area can be surrounded with windows, or even floor-to-ceiling long transparent glass French doors to absorb as much daylight as possible. For instance, a west facing living room captures a breath-taking view of the sunset which increases its aesthetic value in your life. You can even think of Japanese horizontal mullions in the doors, or shoji screens. These can make the place more visually appealing as well as guide observers around the living room.

Your Collections on Display

Display your personal belongings turning your house into a home. Use your meaningful collections such as family portraits and favourite travel landscapes as accessories. Re-finishing furniture in a way reminds the guests of your personality.

Punctuations in Red

Neutral living room settings are an amazing circumstance for punctuating with vivid colours and memorable patterns. Using red for an energetic punch is a really good idea as this colour will make the room more entertaining without necessarily turning into an overwhelmed experiment.

Patriotic design

Who said patriotic was clichéd? While it may not be the best idea to hang up flags and play the anthem on the stereo, you can still adjust the colour scheme to remind you of your country.

The natural linen setting with a breath-taking blue backdrop would look amazing if a few red hints are added.

Cozy yet Elegant

Not trying to sound counterintuitive, but formal settings can still be comfortable. This can be confirmed by mixing your modern furniture and mid-century lighting fixtures with bold fabrics and natural texture. For instance, glass tables with soft upholstery, or silk curtains with fluffy and colourful pillows.


Make a Trend out of the Unexpected

This refers particularly to materials as some of them fit perfectly together despite of what you were told. A stone fireplace would look good with wood panelling around and they could be combined into the homiest and warmest setting ever.

Faux Fireplaces

Fireplaces being an excellent focal points for every living room, antique and faux ones can be set up to add warmth to your decor. Faux fireplaces are set on rectangular slate plates, and work amazingly with the hearth.


Use of Well-Combined Patterns

It’s true – although you’re not supposed to exaggerate with colours in small living rooms, but there is room for compensating the lack of excitement with well-combined patterns. For example, pillows can be chosen to coordinate the floral rugs, the drama can be heightened with animal-printed upholstery, and an addition of a final geometric touch with herringbone fireplace tiles adds grandeur to the living area.

 Get Inspired by Your Favourite Period

If you dreamed of having a 1900s library at home, it is time to easily introduce one.

Few floor-to-ceiling bookshelves filled with timeless masterpieces, a cozy armchair, and a couple of double-hung windows with heavy drapery is all you need to make your living room look exactly as you imagined it.

 Neutral settings

Living rooms work the best with a neutral base, but that doesn’t necessarily mean plain walls and beige decoration nuances. Neutral also stands for natural, meaning that you can give your interior an external tone, and use it as a versatile canvas which you can personalise with a variety of textures and patterns. As for the materials, it is advisable to use wicker, stone, and wood, as they are a timeless guarantee of comfort and serenity.


Although winters demand a cosy huddle, we should give our living room enough breathing space, and use furniture wisely which can ‘open the space up’ once spring and summer are arriving.

In case you’ve made the mistake to knock in walls where they were not absolutely necessary, problems are expected to rise. Still, this doesn’t mean you have to push down walls, because the same feeling of openness can be achieved by a simple re-arrangement of furniture. For instance, you can scoot chairs together, or play with colours, patterns, and decorations to create a visual connection between different parts of the room.

 Memento chic

You can easily personalise spring decors with creative photo galleries, using either a collection of frames to match the neutral setting, or a variety of colourful and eclectic frames that add value to the spring vibe. Once you’ve selected both photos and frames, you need to focus on the layouts. Trace the frames on a newspaper, cut the pieces and do a preview to see how your gallery would look once the frames are hung on the wall. This strategy will help you to prevent the consequences of a bad decision once it is taken.


Layers-An Interesting Concept

Layering is another interesting concept which can be employed to satisfy your tastes and ideas.

For instance, if classic styles are your thing, you can overlap the vintage appearance of iron wall art with casual wooden elements, or even glass and nautical ropes. If you believe it should depend on the season, some seashells can be added along with wall-hangings of beautiful beach landscapes.

On the other hand, you can pursue a personalized, rustic country living room, where rustic metals will shine on wooden base. As for the furniture, a genuine heritage from your grandma’s attic storage will easily sort your problem. Whatever you do, it is your living room that you’re decorating, and it will be you who’s going to spend most time in it. So, don’t forget to make it personal! Although you can bank on online design ideas for inspiration, your living room will need your personal touch for the warmth it deserves.

Keep it simple

The key significance of modern settings is that they are clean and simple but still attractive enough to gather friends and family together.


The living room is probably the only space where you’re allowed to experiment with bold and grand elements. You can choose an exaggerated coffee table for important gatherings, or floor-to-ceiling French windows to enjoy the view. And who would not want to come back home to an inviting fireplace?

A Breath-taking View-Key to a Successful Living Room Decor

If you have a breath-taking view, you have it all as it makes the room attractive and comfortable regardless of the furniture and the colours you’ve chosen.

A Lesser-known Trick

The flat screen doesn’t have to be that visible. For instance, it can be hidden behind a nice painting rolled along a metal track which will make your room look far more elegant than it does with the TV in plain sight.


The living room, also known as sitting room, lounge room or lounge, is primarily a room for entertaining adult guests, reading, and other activities. As a result, it needs to be spacious, well designed, with well-balanced colours coupled with style.