How Organic Fertiliser Products Can Improve The Health Of Your Crops

As a farmer, you’re probably more than aware of what a hard day’s work really means. You likely have to wake up at a time when most of us wouldn’t even think about rising from our beds for another few hours, and your working day might not end until the sun goes down. But hard work aside, the most important thing for you to think about is no doubt the health of your crops. Let’s face it, you need your crops to grow healthily and strong so that when it comes to harvest, you can make a decent living whilst providing food for the nation.

Unfortunately, growing healthy crops isn’t as easy as most people might assume. It’s hardly a simple case of planting the seeds and sitting back as you wait for them to grow, it’s about making sure they have the right amount of water and nutrients, ensuring they’re resilient in tough weather conditions, and fending off diseases and pests that could ruin large swathes of your fields.

An increasing number of farmers would rather avoid using the likes of pesticides and chemical fertilisers because many people don’t consider them to be organic. Consumers like to know that their food was grown completely naturally, but when you need the largest yields possible, avoiding GMO products can be difficult.

There is Another Way

Luckily, Carbon Gold organic fertiliser products can help you grow healthy, strong crops that your customers will love, and they’re recommended by Soil Association.

The GroChar product range has been designed to alter and enrich soil so that it:

  • Better retains moisture
  • Provides crops and plants with vital nutrients
  • Creates a healthy habitat for plants to grow
  • Reduces transplant shock
  • Ensures roots grow strong and healthy

One of the most amazing things about these soil enrichers is the fact that they’re perfect for any soil – they can help amend waterlogged soils as well as help sandy soils better retain their moisture. That means you won’t have to water your fields as often, and that’s a handy benefit given that you have to work so hard to ensure your crops grow successfully.

You’ll also notice an increase in plant productivity as well as healthier crops because organic fertiliser reduces the acidity of the soil and improves its cation exchange capacity. You might find that your crops grow taller and more fruitful as a result of enriching your soil with organic fertiliser. Plus, the fertiliser itself isn’t broke down by the soil, so it’s a cost-effective and long-lasting way to improve your farming efforts.

Ensuring a Healthy Farm

Almost all farmers have probably experienced problems with their crops at some point during their careers, and there’s no worse feeling than realising your yield will be smaller than expected. You can take measures to prevent that from happening by using some excellent and effective organic fertilisers that ensure healthy crop growth.