Hotel Apartments Vs. Hotels: What’s The Best Option In Copenhagen? 

Easily among the most-loved and iconic cities of Europe, Copenhagen is a unique experience – to say the least. Once a fishing hamlet, it’s now a thriving city, which promises fun and thrill, amidst all the commercial activities. From the much-famed Little Mermaid statue, to the historic Tivoli Gardens, Nyhavn Harbour and Rosenborg Castle, there’s so much to explore here. While you can certainly cover most important points of attraction in two to three days, but we strongly recommend that you spend at least a week here. This brings to the question – where should you stay in Copenhagen? Let’s check the options.

How affordable is Copenhagen?

To be fair, most parts of Denmark is expensive, especially if you go by European standards. Copenhagen is no different. However, most travelers don’t mind spending a tad more on a better stay option, given that the budget hotels are just that – budget, and often, not that great. There are two basic choices – hotels and apartments. You can check for luxury apartments Copenhagen holiday rental options, some of which are located in residential areas of Østerbro. Hotels, on the other hand, can fit diverse budgets, but some of the historic properties and known options require deep pockets.

Why go for hotel apartments?

Copenhagen is a city that’s best enjoyed on a laidback trip, and the last thing you would want is someone unknown knocking at your hotel room. Hotel apartments and vacation rentals offer the much-needed privacy that people expect. Just in case you are wondering, some of these properties have been developed by known architects, so you have rooms that have been designed with extreme attention to detail. From the theme and décor to small inclusions, everything is sorted.

Not to forget, there are various options in Copenhagen hotel apartments. From modest one-bedroom rental that’s ideal for honeymooners, to penthouses that are perfect for extended families, you can expect a lot. Most of these apartments come with necessary facilities, including health club, swimming pool, gym and everything that you probably have back home.

About considering hotels

Hotels in Copenhagen are expensive, but again, for many people, this may still seem like a cheaper choice. However, if you are traveling a group or want to stay close to the local people who are located in residential areas like Copenhagen East, apartment rentals are a better choice any day.

Final word

It all depends on your budget, but in case you want to explore Copenhagen better and more like a local, hotel apartments and vacation rentals are a better choice for sure. Of course, you need to do your homework, check the location and all the other details before placing a booking. Bookings can be done online, and we recommend that you look for options in advance, especially if you plan to come close one of the local festivals or in the winter. Not to forget, just check the cancellation charges, and in case you are completely new to Copenhagen, some of these vacation rental services can arrange for a guided tour.