Health Benefits of the Dead Sea Salt

The Dead Sea is one of the unique natural wonders in the world. It is a salt lake that has been around for over 15 million years. Located between Jordan, Israel, and Palestine, it is a unique place that deserves your visit. It has a salinity level of up to 34.2%. Given how salty it is, it creates an environment not suitable for the growth of flora and fauna. You will also find very few microorganisms thriving there. The most exciting part is that you will not drown if you swim there as you will most likely float.

Several studies discovered the health benefits of the Dead Sea salt. Some companies even turned the salt into a successful beauty product available around the world. Others believe that swimming in the Dead Sea could lead to physical healing. These are the known health benefits of the Dead Sea salt.

Skin hydration

When you use sea salt, you will improve your skin hydration. It also helps reduce redness and roughness. When you always suffer from dry skin, you can solve it with the help of sea salt. The reason why several people love bathing in the Dead Sea despite the scorching heat is that the sea has hydrating qualities.


Apart from salt, the Dead Sea is also high in sulfur. This element is famous for its antibacterial properties. If you decide to use it in cleaning your skin, the small amounts of sulfur will help kill the bacteria. You will also experience reduced oiliness. Even your acne will subside because of the sea salt.

Promote youthful skin

Some people believe that somewhere, the fountain of youth exists. For others, this fountain is the Dead Sea. Given its salinity level, it helps in exfoliating dead skin cells, making anyone look younger than their actual age. The anti-wrinkle gel you use that is commercially available could help reduce the lines by about 10-30%. For sea salt, it could reach over 40%.

Alleviate pain due to rheumatoid arthritis

When you experience swelling of joints due to arthritis, it could be excruciating. Although you can take pain relievers, they are not as effective as applying the Dead Sea salt. In no time, the swelling starts going away. You can see improvements within a month of use.

Soothe sore muscles

You might have sore muscles after hitting the gym or because of your strenuous physical activities. You can apply sea salt if you want to feel relaxed and get relief from the pain. Even if you already have a hard time with mobility, the use of the seal salt could help.

These benefits are only some of the things that will happen if you use sea salt. You could also experience memory improvement and stress relief. There is no wonder many people decide to visit this part of Israel as a part of their bucket list. If you wish to see the Dead Sea in all its glory, you can partner with an agency offering Masada and Dead Sea tour options. The place is not easy to access, and it helps if you are with a group.