Good Quality Dance Shoes & Your First Competition

Your instructor has summoned you over for a quick chat, they want you to enter your first dance competition, they think you’re ready. Going into competition doesn’t have to be stressful, it can be highly enjoyable. It is a break from the norm, giving you a chance to put what you’ve learned into practice. Here are some things to consider when with regards to dance shoes and your first competition.

Have Fun

The first thing to remember is to have fun, you shouldn’t get nervous about competing in front of judges or other audience members. Dancing, no matter what art you like performing is all about enjoyment, although you would like to win, go easy on yourself, it’s your first time performing in front of a crowd. The reason most people start dancing is for fun, a chance to meet likeminded people who love to stay active and dance, so don’t feel overwhelmed, just remember your steps and go with the flow.

Dancing Shoes

Once you learned to relax about your first competition, you should focus on a few of the more important things. You want to enter the dance floor on a level playing field to the rest of your competitors, that means having the right kind of dance shoes.

Really good dance shoes like the brands you find at Burju Shoes aren’t just for practice, they are essential when it comes to competition. The last thing you need is to break a shoe heel in the middle of a Salsa, so make sure you invest in a good quality pair of dance shoes.

Here are some important points to consider when buying dance shoes for competition and practice.

  • Don’t rely on casual shoes, they aren’t designed for dancing.
  • Buy Jazz sneakers or Cuban shoes for competition and practice.
  • Make sure they fit you perfectly.
  • Don’t buy a cheap pair, they won’t feel as comfortable as a quality shoe while dancing.

Good quality shoes make dancing a whole lot easier, they give you grip and slip that allows you to perform dance patterns effortlessly in comparison to casual shoes. You’ll need a shoe which is both flexible and agile, this gives you the opportunity to carry out quick-changing patterns and complex dance styles.

Practice Makes Perfect

Before the competition starts, make sure to practice as much as possible. If you attend all of your lessons, you’ve a better chance of doing well when it comes to competition day. Preparing for a dance competition is a lot different to practice, you may think you’ve got all the moves and patterns nailed, but you are probably wrong. A dance event comes with a different atmosphere, one which you should fully prepare for.

You’ve spent weeks and weeks practicing, you’ve bought a comfortable, quality pair of dance shoes and you’re ready for your first competition. It’s okay to feel nervous, it’s normal, you should focus on what you know and enjoy the event as it will hopefully be the first of many.