Get to Know the Manual, Steam, And Self-cleaning Feature in Ovens

Before you choose a new oven there is the cleaning aspect to consider. You will come across different cleaning features like –

  • Manual cleaning
  • Self-cleaning
  • Steam cleaning

Understand their advantages and drawback as well as why it matters.

Self-cleaning ovens

Cuisinière autonettoyante [self-cleaning stove] means oven heats to maximum 1000°F, so as to burn the food residues. A thin ash layer is left at the bottom, which can be wiped of as soon as the cycle gets completed and oven cools down. You are saved from the back-breaking scrubbing, which everyone around the world hated. Advantages of self-cleaning oven is convenience, energy saving because less energy gets lost due to heavy insulation, and savings on costly cleaners.

Potential hazards include excessive smoke as well as foul odours. Sugary spills or food create smoke amount, which sets fire alarms or can trigger breathing issue or irritation in the eyes. According to a study, self-cleaning cycle produces carbon monoxide gas, which is poisonous, so make sure to keep windows open or run exhaust to allow dissipation of fumes during cleaning process. Family members and pets need to be kept away during the cleaning process. Fire hazard is also possible due to leftover of pepperoni grease.

Steam cleaning ovens

Few cups of water are poured in the bottom, cycle is run for less than an hour. It runs at 200°F, which is minimal and so consumes less power. The grime gets loosened and softened. Just wipe the food soil and moisture using a soft cloth.

Users find that the cycle cleans the bottom but the top and sides are still dirty. Fair scrubbing is needed to clean.

Manually cleaning oven

Just like the name suggests, clean or scrub using hand. Interior is metal coated and doors are removable. This helps to access the back side of the oven and easy scrubbing. For light food residue use water, mild soap, and scouring pad. Tough soils may need commercial oven cleaner. Follow instructions given on the label to be safe. Frequently wiping the oven with water and mild soap will extend the duration between major cleanings.

Manual clean feature means significant efforts from the user has to be made. Harsh cleaners need to be used, which has to be handled and stored cautiously [especially with kids].  Manually clean ovens are not designed for getting hotter or lack insulation like self-cleaning.

Ultimately, the decision to choose oven cleaning feature will depend on personal preference.