Everything You Should Know About Living Offshore

If you are a newcomer to live offshore, you should read this particular guide because it will help you see what you can expect from it in the first place.

If you got summer internship offshore and you wish to start, it doesn’t matter which role you will take, because living on a drilling rig will require adjustment.

Most companies that own oil platforms will consider finding the best offshore living quarters manufacturers so that they can provide you as an employee enjoyment throughout the time and after work.

So we are here to help you learn a few tips that will provide you with more transparent information on what can you expect when you visit an oil platform:

Avoid Leaving Shore Without a Support Network

If you decided to start working on an oil platform in the middle of the ocean, the worst thing that you can do is to go without support. The best way to make your time appear and pass well is to have the comfort of your spouse and loved ones. The idea is to discuss everything with the closest people so that you can think through a game plan in case some emergency happens when you’re away.

It is imperative that your loved ones can cope with things in your absence and to be comfortable with you working away because you can interfere with the integrity of your together life. If you have personal pressures at home and you are going away, then it is a time to reconsider your career choices.

The idea is that you should acknowledge that the contact and everything that your family requires from you will be at a minimum while you’re working, even though you have both internet and phone available. But still, distance related limitations could interfere with your relationship.

Even if you have a stable relationship, you should think through everything that could happen especially in case of some drama during your absence so that your friends and other families could act on your behalf while you’re away.

You should also always ensure your employer has all contact details of your family and household and that family has employer contact so that he could get the sensitive information to you.

If your supervisor has access to a phone, you should tell your loved ones to call you, but in case that you are working in the direct drilling operation, then you won’t be able to have a phone next to you.

Pay Your Dues

Since working offshore is demanding and it will require from you to work long hours especially if you are a newcomer, you should be ready to work every single day for 12 hours when you are a platform or a rig.

Therefore, you should pay your dues that you created before you go to the rig because no one will be able to contact you and you do not want to leave your family in the dark.

Offshore Noise

Have in mind that gas facilities and offshore oil rigs are noisy, and it can cause permanent hearing loss, which is why earplugs and protection is the vital security equipment that you have to use all the time.

You should click here if you want to see how many decibels are important to lose hearing.

According to professionals, most production decks will create noise between 80 and 90 dBA, and the most problematic levels can reach up to 100 dBA near the compressors and water pumps.

If the noise level is above 70 dBA, you have to wear ear protection because that will help you reduce its effects on your hearing.

Respect Personal Time and Personal Space

Since the offshore facility is surrounded by water, having enough space is a commodity at this facility so that you will share sleeping quarters with some of your co-workers. That is why you should consider shared room etiquette, and you will be able to enjoy with friends.

It is vital to make a valuable relationship with co-workers, and you can do it by respecting personal space. You should always leave your room tidy and take everything you need throughout the shift because you do not want to return inside to disturb people that are resting.

You should always try to be quiet and thorough because that way you will gain more respect among your co-workers.