Do You Really Need a Three Car Garage?

Today numerous home buyers in America can’t even fathom the thought of owning a home that doesn’t have garage space for at least two vehicles.  This attitude has been perpetrated by the automobile industry – along with its consorts like the oil and tire firms – along with those who continuously perpetrate the image of families that have a vehicle for each adult, and in many cases one for the eldest child if he or she is of driving age as well.  Indeed, many schools in America are expected to provide parking not only for their faculty and staff but for their students who can drive to class as well.  In fact, however, since the children are not earning regular incomes, and are frequently without means or authority to sign contracts for insurance, registration, inspection and similar concerns, the responsibility is added to those of the parents.

In a more ideal economic pattern, the decisionmakers of a household would probably opt for a maximum of two vehicles and in many cases use garage space only for a single vehicle’s upkeep and maintenance.  The additional space is at best a luxury and at worst an additional demand for maintenance, upkeep and security.  Instead, taking advantage of a car rental firm like Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a far more economical and efficient option.  By renting a vehicle only when it is needed a family can take advantage of Groupon coupons to keep expenses affordable – such as their recent offer for special weekend rates that start at $9.99.  And the family is relieved of the need to maintain that extra vehicle.

The additional space saved by not using it for vehicle storage and upkeep can serve numerous purposes.  One possibility is to convert it for use as extra living space for the young and growing members of the family.  Or it can serve as a computer work station, a laboratory, or a hobby or crafts space.  It can also be your storage place for tools and for equipment.  Creative interior work can significantly increase you home size by making more efficient use of garage space for other functional purposes.  They may be more desirable uses than for the storage of additional vehicles.