Designer clothing is about making a statement

Designer clothing is all about looking stunning, being popular among your social group and flaunting the fact that you can afford to buy those expensive brands. Have you ever noticed celebrities or any high profile personality taking great care of their overall dressing even while doing normal cores, whether out for workout or even while travelling.

Looking at the increasing demand for designer clothes premium ecommerce websites like Tata CLiQ Luxury, Darveys and Elitify have come up to fulfill the increasing demand for premium brands. It’s a well-known fact that designer clothes are expensive than the one which is produced for the mass, for which you would definitely have to splash some extra money, but standing out from the crowd is completely worth the extra money spent.

Designer clothes don’t just come for a particular genre; they cater to many other markets too. Some like to wear the simple yet authentic design, while other like to wear a funky and stylish design. There is no particular occasion to wear designer clothes. Many people wear designer clothes in their day to day life, and then be it for shopping or for a movie or even while taking their kids to school.

The main reason why designer clothes seem to be expensive is because they are made up of high quality material. Too much of care is taken while designing and cutting each garment, from choosing the right quality of thread to stitching, quality is one such factor that will never be compromised.

Many of us have a desire to be socially accepted, whether it’s at school or at our work place or in our social circles and this is one of the reasons why people buy designer clothes. It appeals the people around you and remarks your social status. We often buy clothes that are trendy or fashionable or high class or the one that fits into a particular social circle.

Loyalty to the designer is another factor why some consumer chose to go for those expensive designer clothes. Over the course of time consumer develop a sense of loyalty because of consistent high quality of product and the value for money. Loyalty is basically nothing but an emotional attachment to a brand or designer. Like for example; some buyers have strong affinity to buy clothes by ZARA, while other has similar affinity to Gucci. Developing this emotional attachment by the consumer leads to more consumer loyalty and long term business benefits.

In a new study in Evolution and Human Behavior, researchers found that labels act as a status-boosting talisman. They showed a picture of a man with a luxury logo like Lacoste and a picture with the logo digitally removed to volunteers. The volunteers judged the man with the logo to be wealthier and of “higher status.”

Investing in your outfit and your overall look will slowly help you build more self-confidence within yourself and might improve the way society looks at you. No, you don’t need to rush and fill your wardrobe with the designer clothes but slowly and gradually you can do so.