Damages That Carpenter Ants Can Cause to Your House

Carpenter Ants can be quite dangerous to your house. You may not notice their presence unless they have done the damage. However, if you look closely, you can track them down crawling in your house.

Carpenter Ants can actually damage the integrity of the wooden materials in your house which can lead to the breakdown of the entire wooden structure. These ants create a passage making colonies inside the wood. They don’t feed on wood but nest in by hollowing it.

Carpenter Ants look for damp wood and woods that are already under the process to decay. It is very important for you to keep this kind of wood away from your house and replace them with good and dry wood as damp and decayed woods are welcome signals for carpenter ants to enter your house. Even woods in direct contact with soil can be easily attacked by carpenter ants.

Though, it is very hard to track down fourmis dans la charpente, you can see the trace marks of carpenter ants if you see wood shavings in your house. You may also hear their noise at night as they make prominent noise while making their colonies. So, if you have noticed these signs, you can be sure they are already in your house.

If not taken prevention, these carpenter ants can actually damage your building slowly. They take years to show you their existence but by then, it could be too late for you to save your building.

The insurance companies have reported that the carpenter ants can make exact damage to your property as natural disaster does and the reports are same annually every year. If you’re ignoring their existence, you’re calling trouble for yourself.

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Make sure that your house is neat and well ventilated allowing proper air and sunlight to pass in, as carpenter ants are less likely to attack dry and well-ventilated houses.

Keep your house clean and store food in air tight containers. Carpenter ants don’t live on woods, they take their food inside the passage and eat there, so don’t let your food become their food.

You can always save your house from carpenter ants if you take proper action. So, be careful and call a pest controller before it’s too late.