Convenient and Affordable Car Rental Service

Car rental is an important and sometimes a stressful part of traveling. You’ve booked your flight, and now you need to book a vehicle rental for the duration of your visit. Car rental companies offer a variety of vehicles to fit any size family, any need, and any want. After all, driving a vehicle that you are comfortable in is very important.

Vehicles Offered

Cheap car rental in Christchurch offers a variety of styles to fit your family’s travel needs. There are small, highly economical vehicles which are great for driving around town, parking in tight spaces, or if there are five occupants or less including yourself. The Styla is a midsize vehicle with a hatchback, and it has spacious room for all of your gear and luggage.

There is a diesel mid-size car rental option available. This vehicle is great for those whose first priority is to be economical. It has a spacious interior with plenty of room for luggage and such. The Travella is a large, very spacious Sedan. It holds five occupants very comfortably and still has room for all of your luggage and equipment. The 4-wheela is perfect for those who are adventurous. It is great for mountain roads, if you’re going skiing, and so much more!

If you have a larger family or are traveling with a group, the car rental company offers both eight seaters and ten seaters to comfortably accommodate larger groups of people and their gear.

Why Choose the Professionals?

All vehicles are expertly serviced and maintained. Inspections and any service or maintenance are performed after every use, and they are done before the vehicle is rented out again. These safety precautions are put in place to help ensure that you are receiving the vehicle performing at its best and that the chances for any type of mechanical failure are as low as they can be.

Traveling from the airport to the car rental location and then back to the airport after dropping off your rental car can be a challenge. For this reason, there is a shuttle available during normal business hours. The shuttle runs about every 25 minutes and takes 10 minutes to get from the airport to the car rental company. This is a convenient feature to have after a long flight.

Customers are able to drop the rental car off after hours. It is required that the vehicle is filled with fuel and completely cleaned out before leaving the vehicle. During normal business hours, clients can take the keys inside to the friendly staff. If it is after hours, there is a drop-box in which the keys can be left.

When it comes to car rental, trust the friendly and knowledgeable staff to help make your travel experience hassle-free.