A Quick Guide to Hiring a Crane for Your Next Project

Cranes are machines that can be used to lift things and move them horizontally and are commonly used when building various structures, especially taller ones. They have been around for hundreds of years, however, up until the 18th and 19th century, they were powered by animals and people. From there, cranes became mechanically powered by steam engines, then later combustion engines, electric engines, and now they can even be powered by hydraulics. Cranes have come a long way in how the operate and how they can help us as well.

Cranes are a type of heavy equipment that many building and other projects couldn’t be completed without, especially when you consider how much extra time would be spent without using a crane. If you’re on a project that requires advanced lifting and moving of heavy materials, you may want to consider crane hire in Welshpool.

Hiring a crane is one of the best options for most advanced construction projects. There are so many benefits to choose from when hiring a crane for your next project. For example, you can avoid high costs while still benefiting from the use of a crane. To learn more about hiring a crane for your next project, read on.

Cost Effective

Buying a crane is a very expensive investment. Unless you intend to use a particular crane model for years to come and have the financing to purchase it comfortably, renting the crane is the easier option from project to project. You’ll save yourself money and still be able to access cranes that are in perfect condition for use.

Skilled Operators

You can rent an operator too if you don’t have one. This makes for safer and better crane operation, improving your project’s chances of success.


When you rent a crane, the machine is held to a very high safety standard, so the equipment you use will be in top condition for your security and safety.

How to Choose the Right Crane

It’s important to choose the right crane for your project. You’ll want to factor in any requirements your project may have when choosing a crane model. Here are a few types of cranes you can choose from:

  • Floor CranesFloor cranes are the classic cranes you think of when you picture the machine. They can be used for heavy lifting and transporting materials. They are commonly used for large-scale builds.
  • Narrow Width LiftersNarrow, as the name suggests. These cranes are ideal for use in tight spaces.
  • Tower Bridging BeamsThese are used to attach two beams so you can move across a wider area while working.
  • Cantilever LiftersSimilar to width lifters.
  • Lift Shaft TowersThese are one of the safest methods for transporting materials within a shaft. The platform is easy to raise or lower.

Mini CrawlersMini crawlers are very good for moving extra heavy materials within a small area. They are extremely reliable and give you the mobility you need during a contained project.