A Perfect Place to Spend the Night in Jakarta

Everybody needs to go on vacation once in a while, and during vacations, the primary goal is usually to relax and unwind from the day to day pressures that can arise from stress that comes through either working a nine to five job, or going to school or even taking care of kids. Even if it is just for a day or two, everyone needs to take some time off in order to relax and have some time to themselves.

When it com.es to relaxing and taking vacations, a person needs to find an appropriate place that would help them have the best holiday experience. The best place to go for vacation may vary from one person to another depending on what they are planning on doing during their vacation. Whatever the case may be, the uniting factor remains to be that the place that a person chooses to stay during their vacation should be comfortable.

Finding comfort

There are a number of factors to consider when talking about comfort. To begin with, the place where a person decides to spend their night needs to be safe. This is in regards to its location, as well as the security that is provided. This also goes down to the facilities provided such as security cameras, safes, room keys and so on. On the other hand, comfort also involves other aspects in terms of the kind of services that are offered to guests. For instance, the availability of room service or a spa. It also includes privacy and customer care.

Convenient location

One of the main things that people like to look for before they settle for a place to stay during their vacation, is whether the location is convenient enough for them to take part in other social activities in the area, as well as for the purpose of being able to easily move around. For example, the distance to the airport, or to the nearest shopping center and even, the distance to the nearest tourist attraction sites. These are just some of the things that a person puts into consideration as they look for a place to stay when they decide to take a vacation.

The best hotel in Jakarta

If you ever find yourself taking a vacation in the hotel central Jakarta, then the Ayana Midplaza is the perfect place to stay. In addition to all the traits mentioned above for the best place to stay in during a vacation, it is a state of the art hotel with 366 rooms for you to choose from, with a range of prices to suit your needs and abilities. Each of the rooms has exquisite décor and furniture. The hotel also offers a great culinary experience, thanks to the four restaurants where guests have the option to have their meals from.

The Ayana Midplaza Jakarta hotel is situated right at the heart of the central business district of the capital city of Indonesia. It is also conveniently placed along the Jalan Sudirman road, which is one of the prominent roads in Jakarta. And also, the hotel just so happens to be only 45 minutes away from the Soekarno Hatta International Airport. The location of the hotel also allows its guests to be able to easily get to the city’s best stops for entertainment, dining as well as shopping.

Hosting events

The hotel is however not just suitable for people who are traveling for vacation purposes. The Ayana Midplaza Jakarta hotel is also suitable for people who need a place to stay during their business trips in the capital city of Indonesia. In addition, the hotel can be a great place to host business meetings and conferences thanks to the 24 meeting rooms that are available for use.

This hotel is also perfect for hosting other informal and informal events such as galas, weddings and birthday parties, as it has a grand ball room which gives access to an outdoor garden which can either be used on its own or as an extension to the ball room.