6 Great Heart-Friendly Exercises

The heart is one of the most vital organs of the body. You have to take care of your heart so that it keeps functioning optimally. The heart becomes healthier and stronger as you exercise by leading an active lifestyle. You must not be an athlete so as to exercise your heart. According to the American Heart Association, doing workouts for 30 minutes for most of the days ranging from moderate to vigorous exercises can help a big deal. In case getting 30 minutes together is not possible, you may split your exercise routine into 10-15 minutes fragments. In addition to exercises to keep your heart healthy, you need to observe your diet to ensure you take heart-friendly foods and avoid those that threaten its well-being. Also, you may check out some beneficial steroids that promote body metabolism and burning of excess fat which helps promote heart health.

Here are some great but simple heart friendly exercises you may try out:


Walking is the topmost heart-friendly exercise.it is a cheap, convenient, simple, enjoyable and safe exercise. Also, it can easily be slotted in the schedule of almost all people despite their busy days. You can do this work out by covering part of your journey to work by walking, walking to the grocery shop instead of driving or having home delivery and doing some walk in your neighbourhood. One fitness expert classifies walking as an aerobic exercise, as they are those workouts that involve several muscles in a constant rhythmical way over some time.

Bike riding

As you ride, you do pumping movements that involve your large leg muscles which is a fantastic aerobic exercise with great benefits to your heart. You may go for a stationary bike or a road one as both are equally good for the exercise. A stationary can come in handy in your bid to promote your heart health on those days that the outdoors are unfavourable may be due to wetness or coldness. You should have the seat of the stationary bike well-adjusted according to your size to prevent injuries.


Although a steady run is a great way to keep fit, running in the interval will guarantee you cardiovascular fitness. You may start with four 10 seconds intervals per session as you aim to get to ten and it does not matter whether it is sprints or hills. You are also better off starting with intervals as they will deplete most of the glycogen or the carbohydrates deposits. The basic concept is to work out hard until you are out of breath, then rest for the minimal time possible to recover.

Take a swim

Swimming ranks among the most effective aerobic exercises you can take. You can derive all the aerobic health benefits your body requires by swimming for two hours per week. Also, swimming has an advantage of exerting less pressure on your bones and joints which is very crucial for those with joint conditions like arthritis or are obese.


Dancing makes a perfect rhythmic and aerobic exercise routine. The requirements are quite few-a suitable footwear, some space and a music that excites and motivates you. To have a good workout a music with a beat of 120 to 135 beats per minute is recommended. You may go to a dance class or do it alone at home. Also, dancing may range from low impact to high impact depending on your preference and capability.

Climbing stairs

This is a simple method to reach to the recommended 80 to 85 per cent of your maximum heart rate whether you do it at home or at the fitness centre on a machine simulating stairs.