5 Budget-Friendly Activities In Alice Springs

If you’re looking to experience Australia’s legendary Red Centre region then you should definitely consider using the charming town of Alice Springs as your base of operations. This region serves as the gateway to all the wonders the outback holds, including epic sights, one-of-a-kind activities, and some of the best hiking in the world. Alice Springs is known as a frontier town and has a reputation for being rugged and unique in the style the Outback region is known for. You can see the MacDonnell mountain range right from the center of town, which certainly adds a romantic allure to the town. Anyone on a campervan hire australia journey through the Outback should consider Alice Springs as their base. Even if you’re on a budget, there are plenty of things to in the region that won’t cost you a dime.

Larapinta Trail

Very few hikes in the outback can compare to the Larapinta Trail, a scenic and expansive hike that takes in some of the most gorgeous terrain to be found in the region. As an experienced hiker, you can challenge yourself to take the entire trail. This is your chance to experience the pleasures of the outback up close and personal, sleeping under a canopy of stars free of all light pollution and witnessing the area’s wildlife. It just doesn’t get any more outback than this, so make sure to keep Larapinta in a prime position on your list. It will cost you nothing to take this trail, so enjoy it on your budget trip in the area.

Uluru Hike

A top attraction in the Alice Springs region,  the majestic Uluru Rock that rises from the red desert floor has attracted thousands upon thousands of visitors over the years. You can hike into the desert to check out The Rock yourself, and this will not cost you a cent. In how many other places can you see the top attraction without having to dig in your pockets for fees? This is truly what the outback is all about, featuring rugged terrain and sights that you will not see anywhere else in the world. To witness the sun setting over Uluru Hike is to experience a site you will cherish until the end of your days.

Kangaroo Sanctuary

If one of the main things you are looking for in your campervan hire australia journey is to witness the Nation’s most famous animal, then you will be pleased to know that the Kangaroo Sanctuary is located right in the Alice Springs area. This sanctuary is dedicated to rescued kangaroo babies, and you can learn a great deal about the history of this animal at the sanctuary. Of course you can also observe them in their natural habitat, feed them, and enjoy the striking Savannah-like grounds that stretch over 90 acres in the heart of the outback. This sanctuary is well known as an enjoyable and well-maintained place where visitors can gain an appreciation for this loveable creature so beloved throughout Australia. Plus, the admission price is free so the visit won’t eat into your budget either.

Desert Park

No trip through Alice Springs is complete without a stop at Desert Park. This is a great way to get a good look at the outback desert region without actually having to spend days hiking the trails. The habitats are well-maintained and over a near complete overview of the main Australian ecosystems. The wildlife featured here is treated well and exists within their natural habitats, so you can end up checking out any species you may have missed thus far on your trip. You can easily spend an entire day at Desert Park, checking out each of the habitats and experiencing the wildlife on offer. This is a great way to gain a clear snapshot of the legendary Australian desert, and the fees are very minimal so it won’t cost you too much to experience.

Reptile Centre

At the Alice Springs Reptile Centre you can witness over 50 species of reptiles from snakes to lizards to the area’s legendary saltwater crocodiles. The Centre plays host to some of the most unique reptiles in the region, including goannas, Thorny Devils, and a variety of lizards. And all of this can be had for a minimal admittance price. This is a truly fascinating experience, and a place where you can safely witness many species you definitely don’t want to run into in the wild.

Alice Springs is perfect for any road tripper on a budget looking to experience a campervan hire australia journey through the outback. This frontier town puts you right in the heart of the wonders of the region and within striking distance of a number of free or low cost activities and sights that will guarantee you have the perfect outback experience.