4 Winter Lawn Care Tips

Winter is the season you spend thinking the least about your lawn, but doing a few simple things for your lawn can ensure its health when Spring and Summer roll around.

Whether you’re a landscaper in Dallas, Texas or you provide lawn care in Winnipeg, Manitoba, these are 4 easy tips that will help your lawn make it through the cooler weather.

  1. Fertilize

Applied in the late fall or early winter, before the first freeze, giving your lawn a thorough fertilizing will help replace the nutrients that your soil may have lost during the hot summer months. Test your soil with a testing kit, available from your local home improvement or lawn care store. Using an organic or time-release mix will help feed your lawn’s root system all winter long, and when spring comes, your lawn will have the necessary nutrients to yield a lush, green grass.

  1. Mow Shorter

Gradually lowering your lawn mower’s cutting base prepares your grass for a shorter winter height. Many lawn care professionals will agree that a gradual approach to this change is better than cutting it all off at once. Longer blades of grass can allow winter winds to wick moisture from the soil below. Keep your mower blade sharp for the healthiest results.

  1. Keep Your Lawn Clean

When nobody is going outside during cold weather, its easy for items to be left on the lawn over a long, cold winter. Rake away dead leaves to avoid wet spots that can become mossy and moldy. We recommend creating a compost pile to discard the leaves in a manner that keeps them out of the local landfill. Limbs, stray logs, toys and even lawn furniture can be accidentally overlooked, so clear the lawn of all objects after you mow it for the last time of the year. If an object is left on the grass during cold weather and snowfall, it can create a dead spot and encourage disease to form and spread.

  1. Avoid excessive foot traffic on your lawn.

Dormant grass, with its brown coloring and short height, makes it easy for people to forget that it shouldn’t be walked on. Keep your sidewalks clear of ice and snow so that you and your family won’t be tempted to cut across the yard, and never allow anyone to park a trailer or vehicle on the grass. While grass is resilient during the growing months, it will have a difficult time recovering if a path becomes well-worn across the lawn during the winter.