3 Accommodation Options for Tourists Visiting Israel

Whether you are in the country for a day or a week, you should find a place that allows you to do more. Wherever you stay whilst being in Israel should be affordable, accessible, and accommodating. Forcing yourself to pay hefty fees for a couple of nights can eat up your budget that could be better spent on food, tours, and tickets. Being far away from all the action can take up precious time, if you are only in Israel for three days but end up travelling a lot, or being lost for half the day, how can you get anything done?

Plan your accommodations early on after thorough research. Here are some types of places you could end up at and why:

  1. Hostels

A backpacker’s best friend is a low budget hostel. It has a community of travelers who most likely are on the same mission as you are. You might even make acquaintances who will join you on your travels. A hostel is simple and straight to the point. They provide a bed (bunk style), bath, and communal area. If you will be spending most of your time around the city, why spend a lot of money on finding a place to sleep.

You can make the most of your backpacking experience by visiting the desert and campsites. You can also use Israel as a point to explore more of the region from West Asia to the Arabian Peninsula to Northern parts of Africa. Countries that are close by are Jordan (near the Dead Sea), Lebanon, Cyprus, and Egypt. If you intend to visit these countries, avoid splurging on your first stop and exhaust all the free sites and monuments first, this gives you room to do more down the line.

  1. Rentals

When traveling with a large group of friends or family short term rentals in Israel can save you a lot of money while allowing you to stay as a group. When you opt for a hotel, large families have to break into groups; this can make things difficult to come together—that is wasted time. Sites like www.koshack.com offer Jerusalem vacation rentals and Tel Aviv vacation rentals for those who don’t want to separate. It allows you to chat with friends, discuss plans or changes in a homey environment.

Besides large groups, people who are staying in the country for an extended period to attend events or celebrations can make use of these rentals as well. It makes it easier for you to come and go without feeling like you are being charged by the hour.

Rentals can have a kitchen/kitchenette which can make it easy for people who have strict dietary restrictions to prep their meals. It can also be an opportunity to try out the ingredients from the grocery store to see what you want to bring back home.

  1. Hotels

Hotels are the most common landing pad for tourists. They are often located in scenic areas which can make waking up in the morning energizing, just by looking at the view. They also have services that make it easy for people who are unsure about how they want to go about their visit. Pre-packaged tours, restaurants and room service make it difficult to go wrong with staying at a hotel.

Each accommodation caters best to a type of traveler. When in doubt, post inquires online to scope out the scene.

Image: Unsplash.com